Ashley Walter – “Frida in the Clouds” 18x14x40 Jewelry Chest – $1200



“Frida in the Clouds” is a tall jewelry chest/armoire jam-packed with all the hand-painted, pyro fun I have fallen in love with over the last several years of creating. Two torch-burned pyrography Frida portraits on wood paint pallets adorn either outer side while hand painted traditional Tehuana outfits hang in the breeze a nod to Frida’s own work “There Hangs My Dress”. The cloudy blue sky background is meant to honor Frida’s consistent theme present in works like “The Dream”, “The Suicide of Dorothy Hale”, “The Two Fridas” and many more. The drawer nobs are each part of one long floral burned large paintbrush running the length of the front, Frida’s own weapon of choice. Bring the one of a kind creation home to house all of your special treasures!