Ashley Walter – “Frida in Bloom” Side Table 26”x26”x22” $1200




A beautiful feminine side table featuring a gorgeous ombré purple and pink base jam packed with symbolism honoring the life and works of Frida Kahlo. Hand burned portraiture and extremely detailed.

••Composition of the top: Frida was primarily a portrait artist and painted herself looking straight at the viewer ••Floral crown: one of the most recognizable features of Frida’s traditional look (aside perhaps from her glowing unibrow also pictured in taste)
Gold leaf Jewelry: Frida was famous for her style and often wore traditional Tehuana dress both as an ode to her matriarchal roots and as a distraction from her physical disabilities. ••Rib cage: Frida bore her soul in her art, fearlessly naked before us all sharing both moments of pain and ecstasy in equal measure. So I drew her stripped to the bone with flowers, color and life bursting from her heart. ••Quote: “At the end of the day we can endure much more than we think we can.” Frida is ridiculously quotable which is one of the myriad reasons she has made a resurgence in the age of the meme, but I love this one for its undercurrent of strength. ••Monkeys: spider monkeys were a common Inclusion in Frida’s self portraits ••Broken heart and king and queen crowns: Frida and Diego’s relationship while turbulent is legend and in many ways enviable. I drew their hearts broken but crowned because I believe while they hurt each other they’d have had no one else reign over their lives. ••Columns: Frida was in a horrible bus accident which irrevocably damaged her spine, pelvis and other body parts. Her painting “The Broken Column” focuses on the pain she experienced throughout her life as a result. ••Raised stencil: National identity was a consistent theme in Frida’s work, the stencil work is a nod to Mexican tile art. ••Colors: vibrant, fearless, rustic and feminine like the woman they honor. ••Blue interior: a nod to Frida’s beloved home which now acts as a museum in her name: The Blue House
••Paint brush handles: her tool/weapon of choice Gilded and dripping in all the richness with which she imbued her paintings